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Maintenance Guide: The BA Falcon Power Steering Pump

When it comes to keeping your BA Falcon running smoothly, one of the key components to pay attention to is the power steering pump. The BA Falcon power steering pump is responsible for helping you quickly turn the wheels, making it an essential part of your vehicle’s steering system. This maintenance guide will explore the ins and outs of the Power Steering Pump, including common issues, preventative measures, replacement options, and tips for extending its lifespan. Maintaining your power steering pump can help save you time and money and keep your BA Falcon performing at its best. Let’s begin by discussing common issues and how to identify them.

Understanding the Ford Falcon Power Steering Pumps

Power steering pumps are essential components in modern vehicles, aiding in the effortless control of the steering system. For the Ford Falcon, a model with a rich history in automotive circles, the power steering pump is a critical element that ensures smooth and responsive steering. These pumps reduce the effort required to turn the steering wheel, enhancing driver comfort and vehicle handling.

BA Falcon Power Steering PumpFunction and Operation

The power steering pump in a Ford Falcon operates by generating hydraulic pressure, which is then transmitted to the steering gear. This pressure assists in turning the wheels, making it easier for the driver to navigate, especially at lower speeds or when the vehicle is stationary. The engine drives the pump.

Types of Power Steering Pumps

Ford Falcons have utilized various types of power steering pumps over the years. The two main types are vane pumps and roller pumps. Vane pumps are more common and consist of a series of vanes within a rotor, moving fluid to create pressure. Roller pumps use rollers within the rotor to achieve the same effect. Each type has advantages, with vane pumps generally quieter and more efficient.

Common Issues and Maintenance

Despite their durability, Ford Falcon Power Steering Pumps can encounter issues such as fluid leaks, noise, and decreased steering assistance. Regular maintenance, including checking fluid levels and ensuring the system is free from contaminants, can prolong the pump’s life. If a pump starts to fail, symptoms include a whining noise, stiff steering, and visible fluid leaks.

Recognizing Common Power Steering Pump Issues

The Power Steering Pump, while durable, is susceptible to various issues stemming from regular use or lack of maintenance. Identifying the early signs of trouble can save you time and money, preventing minor problems from escalating into major repairs. Among the most prevalent issues, you may notice a whining or squealing noise emanating from the pump, especially when turning the steering wheel. This sound often indicates low fluid levels or air trapped within the system.

Leakage is another telltale sign of power steering pump failure. Visible fluid under your vehicle or a rapid decrease in the power steering fluid level should prompt an immediate inspection to locate and address any leaks. Steering difficulties, including a stiff steering wheel or inconsistent steering assist, indicate that the pump may not pressurise the hydraulic fluid correctly.

Furthermore, if you find that steering requires more effort than usual or the steering feels uneven, it could suggest that the pump’s efficiency is compromised. This lack of power assistance makes maneuvering more challenging and could indicate impending pump failure.

Addressing these symptoms early on by consulting with a professional mechanic can prevent further complications within the steering system. Regular checks and maintenance are crucial in avoiding these common issues, ensuring the power steering pump operates smoothly and extends its service life.

Preventing the FG Falcon Power Steering Pump Problems

The FG Falcon, a popular vehicle among car enthusiasts, is known for its performance and reliability. However, like all vehicles, it can experience issues, particularly with the power steering pump. Regular maintenance and early intervention can prevent many common problems. Here are some critical steps to ensure the longevity of your steering pump.

Regular Fluid Checks

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to prevent power steering pump issues is to check the power steering fluid levels regularly. Low fluid can lead to pump damage, resulting in costly repairs. Use the manufacturer-recommended fluid and ensure it is topped up to the appropriate level.

Inspect for Leaks

Power steering systems rely on hydraulic pressure, so leaks can significantly impact performance. Regularly inspect the power steering lines, hoses, and connections for any signs of fluid leakage. Addressing leaks early can prevent air from entering the system, which can cause the pump to fail.

Flush the System

Over time, power steering fluid can become contaminated with debris and lose effectiveness. Flushing the power steering system periodically helps remove contaminants and ensures the fluid remains in good condition. This can reduce wear and tear on the pump and other components.

Listen for Unusual Noises

Unusual noises such as whining or squealing when turning the steering wheel often indicate a problem with the FG Falcon Power Steering Pump. These sounds can be early warning signs of pump failure. If you notice such noises, have your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic immediately.

Replacing Your Power Steering Pump

If your power steering pump needs to be replaced due to failure or wear beyond repair, it’s crucial to approach the replacement process with precision and care. Given the complexity of the replacement process, it’s strongly advised to seek the expertise of a qualified mechanic who can expertly navigate the intricacies of the power steering system.

The replacement involves a series of steps, from removing the faulty pump to installing the new unit. It’s not just about swapping out the old pump for a new one; the mechanic must ensure that every connection is secure and the system is appropriately bled to eliminate any air pockets that could impair the power steering system’s performance.

Selecting the right replacement pump is a critical step in this process. You’ll want to ensure that the pump you choose is designed for the BA Falcon to guarantee compatibility and optimal performance. Quality should be a top priority – opting for a pump from a reputable brand can significantly influence the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle’s power steering system. A quality replacement pump, coupled with professional installation, can restore your vehicle’s steering to its original smoothness, thus ensuring your driving experience remains comfortable and safe.

Always discuss warranty options and any recommendations your mechanic might have regarding brands or specific models with proven reliability and customer satisfaction. This approach addresses the immediate need to replace a failing component and contributes to the overall health and longevity of your vehicle’s steering system.

How to Choose the Right Replacement Pump?

Selecting a replacement power steering pump for your BA Falcon requires careful consideration to ensure optimal compatibility and performance. Begin by verifying the part’s compatibility with your specific BA Falcon model, as using the incorrect pump can lead to inefficient steering or damage to the system. Manufacturer specifications and part numbers can guide you in matching the right pump to your vehicle.

Quality is paramount when choosing a replacement pump. Look for parts manufactured by well-regarded brands in the automotive industry. These manufacturers often adhere to higher standards of quality and reliability, providing peace of mind through extended durability. Additionally, consider the warranty offered with the replacement pump. A warranty can indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and offer protection against premature failure.

Customer reviews can also be invaluable when selecting a power steering pump. Feedback from other BA Falcon owners who have purchased and installed the same pump can shed light on the part’s real-world performance and reliability. Pay attention to reviews mentioning ease of installation, performance improvements, and any encountered issues.

Lastly, consult with a professional mechanic or automotive specialist. Their expertise and familiarity with BA Falcon power steering systems can offer personalized recommendations based on your vehicle’s condition and driving needs. They can advise on any additional components necessary for a successful installation, ensuring the steering system operates seamlessly with the new pump.

Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your au Falcon Power Steering Pump

Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to ensure the longevity of your power steering pump. Check the power steering fluid level monthly and top it up if necessary. Low fluid levels can increase friction and wear on the pump, potentially causing it to fail prematurely. Also, the fluid should be inspected for contamination or discolouration, as this could indicate issues within the system that need addressing.

Use the Right Power Steering Fluid

Using the correct type of power steering fluid is essential. Refer to your vehicle’s manual for the recommended fluid type. Using the wrong fluid can cause damage to the pump seals and other components, leading to leaks and decreased performance.

Avoid Overloading the Steering System

Avoid placing excessive strain on the steering system by not holding the steering wheel at full lock for prolonged periods. This can generate high pressure within the system, putting unnecessary stress on the pump. When parking or making tight turns, try to be gentle and avoid forcing the steering wheel to its maximum position.

Inspect and Replace Belts

The Au Falcon Power Steering Pump is driven by a belt connected to the engine. Regularly inspect the condition of this belt for signs of wear or damage, such as cracks or fraying. Replace the belt according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule or sooner if it shows deterioration. A well-maintained belt ensures the pump operates efficiently and reduces the risk of failure.

Keep the System Clean

Dirt and debris can contaminate the power steering fluid, leading to abrasive wear on the pump components. Make sure the power steering reservoir cap is secure to prevent contamination. If you suspect contamination, flush the system and replace the fluid to maintain optimal performance.


The vital role played by the BA Falcon Power Steering Pump in ensuring a smooth and responsive steering experience cannot be overstated. Through proper understanding and proactive measures, drivers can maintain their vehicle’s steering system in peak condition. Regular maintenance and preventative strategies are crucial to avoid common issues leading to pump failure. When replacement becomes necessary, choosing a pump that matches your vehicle’s specifications and quality expectations is essential for maintaining the integrity and performance of the steering system.


Q: How often should I check the power steering fluid in my BA Falcon?

A: It’s recommended to check your power steering fluid at least once a month and before long trips. This can help identify potential leaks or drops in fluid levels that could indicate an issue.

Q: Can I replace the BA Falcon Power Steering Pump myself?

A: While individuals with mechanical experience can replace the BA Falcon Power Steering Pump, the process can be complex. It involves safely removing and installing critical components and properly bleeding the system. For most owners, seeking the assistance of a professional mechanic is advised to ensure the job is done correctly.

Q: What power steering fluid should I use for my BA Falcon?

A: It’s essential to use the type of fluid specified by the manufacturer for your BA Falcon. Check your owner’s manual or consult a mechanic to ensure you’re using the correct fluid to avoid damage to your system.

Q: How can I tell if my power steering pump is failing?

A: Symptoms of a failing pump include difficulty steering, squealing noises when turning, fluid leaks under the vehicle, and decreased steering performance. If you experience any of these signs, have your car inspected promptly.

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